As a little girl, my mother taught me to read before I started going to school.  She always viewed the power of reading as a passport not only to mystical lands and faraway places, but also to creativity, understanding, and whatever direction it would be that my dreams took me.

In reading, you can bring the world, real or imagined, to you. Every story you absorb, every analysis you deconstruct, and every debate you quietly moderate gives vision and possibility to an idea, regardless of where you are.

Whether you are working in finance or nursing, the potential of this possibility doesn’t change, but the power of bringing it to those who don’t have access to it can be life changing. When Rita and Charles Field-Marsham told me about a remarkable opportunity that could see me travel to Kenya and help spread the gift of reading to communities across Kenya, I jumped at the chance. I left my job in investment banking, leased out my apartment and now I’m here.

This week I begin a four month journey. I will be traveling across Kenya speaking with student leaders, educators, librarians and government officials. I will be visiting schools to see where and how the Library Project can help strengthen Kenyan education and bring the power of imagination to Kenya students and classrooms.

I will use this blog as a way of updating you; my friends, family, and supporters with news of my travels, visits, and observations.

While on my trip I am hoping to focus on four areas:

  1. Is there an intellectual need? What does that need look like?
  2. Is there a physical need? Do schools have the infrastructure to meet the educational needs of students?
  3. What is the learning culture in Kenyan public schools? What kinds of books would be most useful?
  4. How can we best support the curriculum and imagination in the classroom?

I encourage you to visit my blog for regular updates and to hear about how things are going.

I’m excited about the possible. I’m excited about the places this journey will take me to, and where this project will go.


From Kenya,