The greatest barriers to equity and quality education for CHILDREN today in kenya isn’t lack of schools. It’s unequal access to digital and reading resources.

That’s why we built KEY. For children who want to know more so they are ready to thrive when given the opportunity. For children with ambitions that exceed the very limited resources they have. For the winners.


how we help underserved children win 

The need in Kenya for access to quality and equitable education is urgent AND A NATIONAL PRIORITY

Kenya has an 84% enrollment of children in primary school and 67% in high school. Yet 98% of these schools have no libraries.

This alarming deficit disproportionately affects children from low-income families, resulting in significant knowledge gaps and hindering their access to opportunities and development into internationally competitive citizens.

Today, access to quality education requires access to vast quantities of knowledge from a wide range of sources, a computer to learn on, books to read, and a qualified librarian to guide children through them. This is a need that KEY addresses directly and immediately. Through fully equipped libraries we help children broaden their understanding and interest in school curriculum and enhance their language and technological proficiency. Without these foundations, children’s gateways to learning are more difficult.

“The lack of adequate provision for secondary school libraries is a serious issue for secondary education in Africa, which should be providing the basic information, research and problem solving skills so that students can take full advantage of the opportunities offered by higher and further education and thus be able to operate effectively as lifelong learners.” World Bank

how we put the spotlight on children that can’t be left behind