The Ministry of Youth Affairs, The Arts, and Sports, through the Department of Library Services, extended an invitation to KEY to participate in a stakeholders’ meeting aimed at validating  a draft policy and Kenya’s first Bill on libraries, held at Machakos University from May 2nd to 3rd, 2023.

The validation workshop afforded  participants the opportunity to review the documents and provide feedback on any omitted topics. The ideas and suggestions put forth were carefully considered, leading to the validation of the documents.

With representation from over 50 institutions, KEY was recognized as a pivotal stakeholder, playing a significant role in supporting Kenyan school libraries. Mr. Stephen Mau, Director of Records and Library Services at the Ministry of Youth Affairs, The Arts, and Sports, acknowledged KEY’s contribution, stating, “Knowledge Empowering Youth is one of our key stakeholders in supporting school libraries and cultivating a positive reading culture across the country and beyond. KEY with other partners, drafted Kenya’s first school libraries policy in 2018.”