Over the past few weeks I have been placing a great amount of focus on compiling and consolidating all of the book lists so we can start putting out our tender to various suppliers. This has included spending time with teachers and students at both Precious Blood and St. Patricks to have as much input from them as possible. Both schools have been amazing in submitting hundreds of titles that they would like stocked.

Despite the fact that there have been so many requests for textbooks, we have decided as a policy not to include them. The focus of our program is to provide resources that support literacy fluency and recreational reading, and to include textbooks is too much of a deviation (and a whole different beast) from this initiative. That being said though, it has been an interesting struggle trying to include other books that can support the various subjects that make up the curriculum (biographies of leading academics, stories about discovery etc). It is an area that I am finding will take a great amount of research on my part, and as much communication as possible with the teachers. Ultimately though, I think it is much more enjoyable way to learn about a subject curled up with a book. A cup of tea and a biscuit wouldn’t hurt either.