Tomorrow I am going back to Eldoret to visit St. Patricks and Fluorspar Primary (over the course of four days). This will be my second visit of what is likely to be several over the next four months. A few people have asked what the purpose of each visit is and if I set targets that I hope to achieve with each visit. While they will vary as the months progress and we move through the stages of our program, the main reasons for this visit are:

– Take more measurements of the library so we can start designing (Eryll our Interior Designer is accompanying me on this trip).

– To see how our previously donated resources (the books) are being used.

– To have a few information sessions with the staff, especially at St. Patricks, where I need to gather more data on their teaching methods, what resources they are using, and where they have the greatest difficulties.

– To build relationships with the staff and students at both schools. One thing I am learning quickly is that this does not happen in one visit. It takes time, and this relationship building is critical to gathering accurate information about the schools, as we are relying predominantly on the staff and students to provide this.