Today was jam-packed, traveling across the Lewa Conservancy and surrounding land to visit Ntumburi Primary School, the Lewa Clinic, and Ndare Ngare Clinic. The bumpy roads made conversation impossible and sitting stationary comical, although I am told with rides like that one needs never to visit the gym.

Lewa has had no previous involvement with Ntumburi, but wants the Foundation to consider supporting the school because its infrastructure is in shambles and enrolment has been taking a nosedive as parents are moving their children to Lewa supported schools. Naturally this places an undue strain on what are, even at the supported schools, categorically limited resources.

Although I was not impressed with the absences of teachers on the day of my visit, or the general lack of knowledge on the part of the Principal concerning basic details of the school such as enrolment numbers, it will take a little more research and analysis of their records to fully ascertain if their poor performance of the school is due to lack of funds, or lack of leadership.