Today is starting early (6:30 am) as I am set to visit several schools in the Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT), in the Kipsing Conservancy. An umbrella organization created by its members and Lewa, NRT is a consortium of over 20 Conservancies, spanning more than 3 million acres. Operating in one of the most marginalized regions in Kenya, it serves to connect the various interest groups of the member Conservancies with the goal of collectively developing strong, community-led institutions as a foundation for investment in community development and wildlife conservation. Naturally, a critical element of this initiative lies in education. The school we have been asked to support is Kipsing Secondary School. Started 3 years ago, it is the only Secondary School in the Kipsing Conservancy. The main objective of my visit will be to gather enough data on the school and the surrounding community for us to assess whether supporting this school suits our investment mandates, and if we think intervention on our part will have a constructive impact, yielding positive results.