1. The commencement of the setup should be at least 2 weeks prior to opening or launch date. There are things you will forget, or won’t realize you needed. You will catch mistakes in measurements or layout, and will need time to sort them out.

2. The students should be involved. It is their legacy after all that you are building. And also, they tend to be very good problem solvers and in somewhat better shape – stacking shelves is hard work.

3. It’s going to look horrific before it looks nice. The unpacking of boxes, moving of furniture, drilling of holes, pilling of garbage, and the dozens of people fulfilling their crucial roles will make the library look like a war zone. There is no point micro-managing this phase. Hum a nice tune and enjoy the physical labour.

4. Ask the teachers and students what they think so far. They are the ones who will be using the space, and this is your last chance to make changes. Write their suggestions down. They will be good, and you will likely follow them to a T.

5. Your hands will be perpetually dirty. You will stop caring quickly.