At the Shella Library: a sampling of some of the books donated by the FM Foundation in 2010

L to R: Khadija Hafidh, Maimuna Said Omar, Rukia Awadh. The top 3 performing girls at Shella Primary. All 3 said that reading the books donated by the FM Foundation had a significant effect on their academic performance and grades.

Boys of Shella Primary relaxing during a break.

A Standard 8 boy finding a quiet corner to study for the National Exams which start next week.

Although a traditional society, the girls and boys are very outgoing and playful.

Girls at Shella Primary enjoying a break from class.

Standard 8 girls chatting before a review lesson begins for their exams next week.

Heat management: the days can get so hot that keeping cool and hydrating is essentially a survival tactic. Or so I felt at least.