I’ve been posting a lot about the increased dichotomy in theories about how libraries should deliver knowledge. Some go as far as to say that contemporary libraries should do away with books and be exclusively technology based- equipped with e-readers, i-pads, computers for e-learning. Addressing this split theory and how far libraries should go in conforming to new high tech-practices, our Foundation explored how to get kids in Africa reading quality material as fast, as simply and as cheaply as possible . We have had to rely on monitoring and evaluating the situation on the ground because there are no precedents or models to follow.

Ultimately, the goals of a library is to get reading material to students.  That has not changed and it is regardless of how the content is provided. Holly Korbey’s article, “In The Digital Age, What Becomes Of The Library”, is incredibly informative and insightful in this regard. Her insight is one that we will certainly keep in mind as we continue to design a model that is focused on low cost, fast impact and practical solutions, aligned with technology and the everlasting and universal love for reading paper books.