Yesterday, elections for the Library Council were held at Shella Primary School.  This Council of students is badly needed and we are glad that our idea that they be appointed was welcomed and implemented. The Council students  are now officially in charge of maintaining and running the library. The expectation is that they will keep at a high standard and overcome its previous challenges.  They have assured us that they will honour their Library Constitution and make short opening hours of the library  (a few hours a week), a very dusty space (Island living means a lot of sand blowing around), and messy bookshelves a thing of the past. Teachers charged with overseeing the library are stretched, having students take over their role is a relief for them.

It’s a win win for Shella Primary, the community and KEY. More students will have access to the library, read more, get a well rounded education, become responsible managers and strengthen their exam results, .