We are thrilled to start working on a new library for Starehe Girls Center. This is our first time partnering with MPESA Foundation, where the library is a joint initiative that we are managing. For the past several months, we have been working with MPESA Foundation, the school, and Planning Systems (who manages the Master Plan of the school) to settle on the best location on the school grounds for a library. We considered both renovating an existing space (can be most cost effective, but not always) or building from scratch on new ground. We have decided on the latter, and are now finalizing the architectural drawings and interior layout. This is a process that takes the professional input of architects, interior designers, the school, and of course our Foundation. All the while, we need to remain within the boundaries of the overall budget committed. This can lead to the need for immense creativity. For example, the dimensions of the library we have settled on are considerably larger than originally planned. Thus, we need to make room for those increased costs while not affecting our final budget. We have had a lot of fun looking for ways to do this, and the end result will be, I believe, one of our most beautiful libraries to date. I was able to visit the school for their closing ceremonies before school break (photo above) and can’t wait to start working with the girls when classes resume in one month.