There isn’t a single secondary school we have worked with to date that didn’t require its students to grow at least some of the food they ate, as well as help with the livestock they kept (this is true even at Precious Blood, located IN Nairobi).

One of the electives for secondary school students is agriculture, which at some schools, such as St. Patricks Iten and Kisaruni, is one of the most popular subjects. Even at schools where it isn’t as popular of a subject, it is almost always part of the way of life for the students when they are at home. Farming in Kenya, where possible, is always practiced (except for some tribes along the coast and bordering Somalia, where it is considered against Islam to save grain, explained very well in Nina Munks book The Idealist).

Thus, agriculture is fundamental to the way of life of a significant portion of Kenyans. In light of this, we have made a concerted effort to research and enhance our book lists pertaining to this subject, making sure this subject is representing in the libraries we donate. Right now, we are aiming to have this list of 25 books (we will be reviewing the selection we have to pick ones we think would directly benefit Kenyans). Seen in photos are some of the books we have selected for our upcoming secondary school library projects at Kisaruni, Oleleshwa, and Starehe.