We have just wrapped up a busy week with two library openings, starting with the library at Lewa Downs Primary School. The event was a very special one, with parents of the school, the surrounding community, Lewa board members, and  even friends of KEY from Canada joining. Those who have attended a KEY library opening before will know that we like to keep our events simple, with as much of the time as possible spent inside the library space, giving everyone a chance to explore. There is no better way to introduce all of these stakeholders to the library than this, and we were so happy with the response. From Turkana fathers marveling at photos of the ocean, to Borana mothers passionately discussing the importance of I Am Malala, the interests were diverse. We captured several of these moments on film, and will soon post the videos. Stay tuned!

The library at Lewa is a project of the Field-Marsham Foundation.