Back at Hope Primary School today, we sat with the head teacher Mr. Simon Puot Pouth, to plan for how a single school library can accommodate the needs of over 5,000 students. We realized as we started this project that we will need to develop an innovative library program to allow all the students at the school and equal chance to use the library. Mr. Puot Pouth estimated that over 50% of the school is composed of unaccompanied minors, children who arrived at the refugee camp without any parents or guardians. Education is truly their only ticket to a better life, if they choose to take advantage of it. We agreed on a schedule for the library, the location where the container will be placed, and who will run it. We also spent time expanding on the book list, and sat with several students to hear their stories and ask for their recommendations, so that we can tailor the library as much as possible to their needs and interests.