Art books books are some of the best tools for fostering student creativity. They teach art skills, techniques and processes, encourage creative freedom and provide activity ideas. in addition to sparking this creativity, imagination and fun, art books also develop the important skills of self-expression, problem solving and risk-taking. More and more research suggests this relationship between access to art early on in life and the importance of bringing it into nursery, primary and secondary schools. Here’s some research.

It is always encouraging when one sees the growth of a kid’s talent. Art club has been one of the clubs that is doing best in our school. Using art books in the KEY library we have experienced tremendous change in the drawing skills from when kids starting drawing before the library up to now. Below are photos of Art before and Art Now since the library and its art and drawing books

Lewa Primary School Librarian – Miriam Nkatha Gerald (2021)

Before the influence of Art and Drawing Books

After the influence of Art and Drawing Books