Rita Field-Marsham

Founder & CEO

Rita is a Kenyan-born lawyer who is committed to ensuring all children have the knowledge they need to shape and transform their own destinies.

She worked as a prosecuting counsel at the Attorney General’s Chambers in Kenya, founded Field-Marsham Co. Advocates, was a member of the Commercial Law Committee of the Law Society of Kenya, a member of the pro bono panel of the Federation of Women Lawyers in Kenya, and a member of the pro bono panel of the Kenya High Court and Court of Appeal.

She is the founder and CEO of KEY, the co-founder and CEO of the Rita and Charles Field-Marsham Foundation and a director and co-sponsor of the Kenya Scholar Athlete Program (KenSAP) which has facilitated the placement of over 130 disadvantaged Kenyan students to US and Canadian elite Universities such as Harvard, Princeton, Yale, MIT, Stanford, McGill and University of Toronto.