A really amazing day at Precious Blood today. The results of the KCSE exams were announced. I know of no equivalent in North America concerning the weight these results have on the futures of the students. They can be a passport to a better life, or condemn you to menial labor. Precious Blood came 3rd provincially, and one of the students, Tatania Buyaki, came 10th in the country. Another student, Sarah Andika, placed in the top 20. Afternoon classes were cancelled, soda was ordered for a special celebration, and everyone gathered in the main courtyard for singing and dancing – teachers, parents, and nuns included. The two girls and their mums spoke to the rest of the school, beaming and proud, to pass on any tips to the rest of the students. The enormity of these exam results was made apparent by the presence of media for this celebration, as the top placing students will make the front page of tomorrow’s newspapers, becoming national heros for a day. Sharing in the joy and excitement of the life they have ahead of them due solely to their dedication and hard work was something I will never forget.