According to her teachers, since form 1, she has been consistent and focused with her work. Her mum said that she always had strategies for every subject, project, exam, and quiz, and she tracked her performance. She would never let herself fall below new levels of achievement. When Tatania spoke, she emphasized the importance of using every little bit of time that pops up to work and get ahead. Her final advice? Always make sure you are the one presenting in class, because whatever you present, you will never forget. Likely destination: med school.



Her mum said that even during holidays, she would wake up at 5am to keep up with readings and review class material. Although they have very little, her mum would save up money to buy internet credits so Sarah could do research and study online. Sarah put it more simply, saying that ‘faith, prayer, and hard work’ are what got her to the level she is at now. She struggled so much with English and Kiswahili she didn’t believe it when her name was announced. Sarah’s advice to the students was summarized simply: do what is ordinary, extraordinarily well. You will find her next year at MIT.