The library finally opened its doors July 3rd, with an opening ceremony that included the students of Kenya Fluorspar Primary School, Nursery School, parents, teachers, community members of the Kerio Valley, business leaders from Kenya and abroad, and a few media personal to record the day’s events.

We realized it was important to inaugurate the opening of the library with an official event to give a chance for all members of the community to be there at the same time, all together, to reinforce the concept that the library is for everyone and includes everyone. Not only that, but having an official event gives a chance to show others what can be done in rural Kenya. We had guests coming from as far as Canada, who told us later it was both an inspiring and eye-opening experience to see how engaged the students and community are with learning resources when given the chance.

After a welcoming ceremony by the Nursery and Primary school students, all guests were invited to tour the library and see the children actively using it and enjoying their new books, computers, chairs, toys, and games. After months of planning, designing, listing, compiling, organizing, scheduling, and setting up, to see the students getting to know their very own library space was truly the highlight.