Today all of the new books for Precious Blood were delivered – our final book donation to the school (for now at least). The process is still yet to be complete, as once we bring the books, the school has the students cover, stamp, and catalogue them – a process that can take a few days – despite working all day are only about 30% complete. As this was taking place, the new furniture from the various suppliers was arriving (sofas today!), with more coming tomorrow and Friday.

In total we are donating:

– an additional 1000 books

– all new tables and chairs to seat 50 students

– 2 computers + computer table and chairs

– librarian’s desk + chair

– 1 Smart Board + laptop

– 2 sofas + coffee table

– Curtains for all the windows

– A rug for the leisure reading area

As a group of girls were covering and stamping the new books, another group was helping with the setup. First step? Going through the entire library to remove old, obsolete books that are not used and taking up unnecessary space (the same task undertaken at SP in August).