Tomorrow I am heading to Kahama, Tanzania. For a little context, this is one of the worst academically performing areas of Tanzania. I was also told that despite being one of the highest income generating areas for the country, it has some of the highest rates of poverty.

There I will be scouting out schools in the area, as we are considering donating a library to one of the schools in the community, which is one of the areas where Panafrican, one of Charles Field-Marsham’s companies, operates. I will spend the next few days visiting different primary and secondary schools that host the children of Panafrican employees. Our goal is to have a school selected by the end of the trip.

This is our first library project outside of Kenya, which is very exciting and will no doubt bring new challenges – off the top of my head? Customs and shipping in a new country. Learning the syllabus of a new country. Working with teachers and students across borders. However, we are all hoping this will be our best library yet.