As I learned how to read with the Ladybird readers, as well as my brothers and cousins, I have a special place in my heard for these books. Owned by Penguin Books now, we have decided to place a set of the Ladybird early readers in all of the primary schools we donate libraries to, as a part of our primary school library model.

I can’t wait to sit with these young primary students and explain that children all over the world have discovered reading with these books, as they will soon too. I find it makes a tremendous difference to the students when you have personally read the books you are giving them, and I am so happy to be able to tell them that we will have all learned how to read the same way.

Before I started school my mother made me read through this series with her each night, and would give us rewards of peanuts and raisins (I grew up in a sugar free house where this was a treat) when we completed a set amount of pages. They are incredibly fond memories for me.