One of my favorite parts of my job, and certainly one of the most satisfying, is to find a book that I had always been looking for, without even knowing it. Our book list is such a critical component of what we do, that we are constantly researching – trying to find yet missed titles to add to our collections, and thus to the libraries. I practically skipped for joy when I came across this book Bad News for Outlaws about Bass Reeves. He was a slave that became a US Marshall, and never failed to track down the perpetrators of crimes. I have found that most children and YA books that have African/African-American main characters are about slavery or segregation. Although these are incredibly important topics for the children in our libraries to learn about, I do try to find books of a variety of themes with Africans/African-Americans as main characters, so that ideas for them to identify with are not limited only to struggles. On top of that, I really struggle to find books like that for boys, with themes of adventure, heroes, cowboys etc. I can’t wait to order this book and add it to our libraries – what a great role model.