Why We Won’t Donate I.T. Without Connection

Although we have several different KEY Library Models, which include different kinds of resources in the library (some just books and furniture, others books, furniture and I.T.) we do try as much as possible to incorporate the I.T. model into our libraries. There is no question that we are in the Digital Age with a tremendous shift of information from print to digital. If a library’s purpose is to house information for people to access equally, then that too should include computers for which to access the internet. However, a problem encountered far too often in Kenya, and indeed all of Africa, is internet connection – there isn’t much of it yet, especially in rural areas. We place the onus on the individual schools to tap into government programs that set up internet connections, as well as put pressure on their local magistrates to bring connectivity to their communities. For us, if an internet connection is setup, we will always try to donate I.T. If there isn’t one, I.T. cannot be justified as its utility is almost entirely diminished. This naturally presupposes that electricity is also set up and consistently supplied – something that I have found can never be assumed.