The issue of poaching in Kenya has never been more relevant and important to educate children on than it is now, where the country has seen an unprecedented surge in this illegal activity. We have searched high and low to come up with a great book list on poaching. Although we wish there was a lot more in the market (publishers!! we need more books on poaching for children), below is a list we have put together of some of our favorites:

Douwlina: A Rhino’s Story

Publisher: Bright Sky Press

When Douwlina loses her mother to poachers, other animals step in to take care of her.


Rob & Rex Prevent a Poaching

Publisher: America Star Books

Two friends find themselves in Africa with clues they must follow to prevent a poaching.


Caught with a Catch: Poaching in Africa

Publisher: Scholastic

A fact book about poaching in Africa (our note: it would be great if they updated this book with the recent increase in poaching, as it was published in 2007 and the numbers have changed a lot since then)


Akimbo and the Elephants

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Akimbo lives on a game reserve with his father who is a ranger. In helping his father, he encounters several close calls with poachers.


Poaching and Illegal Trade

Publisher: Gareth Stevens Publishing

A fact book about poaching and the trade that drives it. Great for primary reading level.


Earth to Sky

Publisher: Aperture

Not about poaching specifically, but tells the story of elephants through images Michael Nichols has taken over the past 20 years. One of the focuses is how human interventions have ravaged their habitats.

Earth to Sky