For the next few days I will be be here at Kakuma Refugee camp, to continue planning for our two library donations that we will complete at the end of 2016. Because the nature of schools in refugee camps is so different from others schools we have worked with, we have decided to create a new library model for this scenario (taking into account the enormous volume of children, the lack of infrastructure, concerns about access, and capacity to manage). Since last time I was at Kakuma, the number of refugees coming each week from South Sudan has increased due to a looming famine in South Sudan. Most of the refugees arriving are malnourished, with many children severely so. This morning, I visited the Reception center, where refugees wait for up to two weeks to be processed before they are allocated a tent and rations. Over the next few days, I will spend time at the two schools we will be donating to, to plan for the library program.