They say that if you educate a girl, you empower a nation. When girls have a well rounded education with access to enriching learning resources, not only will this positively alter their life, but often the lives of those around them, including any families they may raise down the road.

When visiting Nakuru Girls for the first time, it was a no-brainer to help them upgrade their library. Though the space was old and run-down, it was well-kept, albeit with very old, outdated books. The school itself was beautifully kept, and we found the staff and leadership at the school to be welcoming and willing to partner, which is a criteria we look for.

We renovated the existing library space, and then donated over 1,500 new books, along with furniture and computers. We spent time with the library council, training them on the Library Constitution, the pillar of our library program. By the opening day, the space was beautifully set up, and the students ready to start reading – as evidenced by the borrowing that happened immediately after the ceremony!

We are looking forward to monitoring how access to better learning resources and literature affects their grades. Stay tuned.