At KEY we are data driven when analyzing our libraries. We implemented online checkout systems and library management systems for most of our libraries so that data can be quickly generated. At the end of each term, we look at what titles were the most popular (based on circulation), which students read the most, what links we can find between reading books and improving grades, etc.

We were beyond thrilled when we received the circulation report from Nakuru Girls Secondary School, and saw that the most popular book in the school is a book on Wood Work. It isn’t even a course that is offered at the girls schools (our opinions on that require a whole other blog post). And we were questioned by several educators as to why we were giving books on wood work to a girls school (this has also happened to us when giving books on robotics to girls schools).

We stood firm, and now realize that we have unearthed a whole area of interest that most female students in Kenya don’t have access to. Next step: start a wood working club at the school.