Last week was a busy week at Bright Girls. We were incredibly lucky to have Leah Newson from Canada visiting. She is a behavioral consultant with a special focus on mindfulness and meditation. Leah kindly prepared workshops for some of the students in the KEY libraries to help them manage exam stress. The workshops focused on meditation and mindfulness, and were applicable to countless other life challenges and stresses.

Though new to the concept of meditation, the girls at Bright Girls were impressively adaptive at learning about the practice and how it can apply to events in their lives. By the end of each session, after a class-wide meditation, the students were perceptively calmer, which their teachers also commented on throughout the day.

Speaking of teachers – they also had workshops last week with Antony, our smart board consultant. Antony has been working with smart board technology for over 10 years, and helps us keep the teachers at the schools we support up to date on smart board technology, so that the resource can be used to its maximum benefit. He came to Lamu for 3 days to do workshops with the teachers on additional tools and techniques, and left saying “the teachers are very optimistic that they would put the new found knowledge in good use to deliver digital learning to their students”.

Schools are now closed for the Christmas holidays, but we will be back in January to see how things have progressed, both with mindfulness and multimedia abilities!